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Welcome to Cutter's Guild

We at Cutter's Guild Games would like to welcome you to our website. We have been making fun and innovative role-playing games since 1999 with the introduction of our Deathstalkers RPG. Since then, we have continued our tradition of creating new and exciting gaming experiences for those who love to game. We hope you take the time to learn more about our different RPGs and invite you to explore their worlds which are unlike anything else you've ever encountered!


About Cutter's Guild

Cutter's Guild was formed in 1999. Cutter's Guild was established to bring only the best role-playing games to the market that innovate and deliver a rich, exciting gaming experience. We hold a high level of business ethic and work to produce great games of the highest quality. We hire the best of freelance artists to do our illustrations.

We are always happy to hear from you! Cutter's Guild has a policy to personally respond to all e-mail and mail. We want to hear your ideas, suggestions and questions. We want our fans to have input into the games we make. We want our fans to have an active role in the games we make. Contact us whenever you want!

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