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The Brute Squad
A Role-Playing Game of
Barbaric Fun!

The Dark Lord Has Returned!

Unfortunately, the Dark Lord has been gone so long that all of the Kingdom’s heroes have long since retired or fallen out-of-shape. Now, the only defenders of the realm the King and Queen can come up with are dim-witted barbarians. But with orcs and goblins, boogles and trolls running amok there is just no time to pick and choose heroes; So it’s up to the Brute Squads to protect the cities, collect taxes, rescue princesses and put an end to the Dark Lord and his nefarious plans. But these unlikely bands of heroes are far from the knights in shining armor that once protected the Kingdom. Garbed in dirty loincloths, sporting large weapons and touting their muscular arms, it’s hard to imagine how these brutes find the time to wrangle dragons, fight off giants and rescue damsels in distress with all the in-fighting, barbaric antics and showing-off they do. Let’s hope the Dark Lord hasn’t regained all his powers yet! Brute Squad is a simple, fast-paced game that allows Players to take on the roles of Brutes and go bumbling off into adventures throughout the Kingdom. Character creation takes just moments, and the Players are as much involved in weaving the story as the Game Master. Players are pitted against themselves as well as the Game Master and must try to be the last Brute alive by the end of the game. Brute Squad is a hilarious game that’s sure to entertain the entire group!

Game Features

  • Play the role of barbaric brutes and go bumbling off into hilarious adventure!.

  • Players are pitted against themselves as well as the Game Master!

  • Simple, fast-paced rules allow you to create characters in just moments!

  • Players are as much involved in telling the story as the Game Master!

  • Fantastic artwork throughout helps bring the comic fantasy world to life.

  • With less than 70-pages, you'll be up and ready to play in no time! Simple rules are easy for all players to grasp!


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Download PDF of Character Sheet

Download PDF of the world Map


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Book Information

70 pages
Rules Light
Illustrated Throughout
A Complete RPG


Game Features



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